Product Pro Tools

Each month we plan to release a product of the month to add to our Product Pro Page. You can use these tools to educate your Clients & your Team/Unit Members on that specific Product. You can use these tools whenever you want to share and promote that product with your audience. 

Our vision is to create a landing page for each product that will give you a short link or QR Code to share, so that your Clients and Consultants can find everything there is to know about that product. We will continue to add to those pages as new information or resources become available.

We would like to include Before and After Pictures of the products on each page. Please send us your Before and After Photos of you or your Clients that you have Permission to share, and we can include them. This allows us to share our resources and partner together to benefit everyone in our GBG community! Please go to our Contact Us page on our website to send us your Before & After Images. 


Here are some fun ways that you can use the tools!

Use some pretty Washi Tape to attach a Sample to the Product Card. You can also put the Product Card in the Box that the Product comes in, or the Bag you are putting the Product in. The Product Cards can be personalized with your contact information in Canva. You can even add a photo of yourself to the card if you want!


You can put QR Code labels on the sample, on the Product or on the Box if it comes in one. 


Some of the QR Codes can be used as Stickers or as Gift Tags. You can wrap products up pretty if your Client is gifting the item, or just wrap it up for THEM. Presentation is everything! When you wrap up products for your Clients it shows that you go the extra mile and that they are important to you. 


You can use the small round stickers to put on Product Samples or Travel Containers/Jars/Pouches. 

Print these tools on Cardstock, Avery Templates, White Sticker Paper or Transparent Sticker Paper. {TIP: The QR Codes works the best on a white background vs a transparent one}


Click on the Button below to find links for some of our recommended Glam Boss Buys that we have found to work well with our GBG tools. 


PINK Cadillac Director Whitney Wemhoff shares how she uses the Product Pro Tools she came up with.